Walnut and Hard Maple block-shaped pattern end grain chopping and carving butcher block board

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Walnut / Hard Maple / chopping / cutting

Made from Walnut and Hard Maple block-shaped pattern this end grain cutting or chopping board also know as a butcher block is beautifully designed.

End-grain chopping boards are created by slicing the boards in short lengths and then rotating the ends upwards, making the face of your board the end of the grain. This is done for 2 reasons, hygiene, the end grain will push any minute food materials back up to the surface as the fibres push back together allowing you to just wipe them off, it will also be less punishing on your knives as you are not cutting across the fibres but down between them which will allow your knife to stay sharper for longer.

Hand made one-off item.

Size: 350mm x 300mm x 30mm.

These boards have a finish of food-safe mineral oil and beeswax to protect and waterproof them, and bring out the natural beauty of the wood,

These boards are NOT dishwasher-proof, only clean with water and a sponge.